Meet the Team




Angela Wells MSN, RN, NHA

Angela has over twenty-seven years of experience in the healthcare industry. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University and has held various nursing leadership positions in the fields of education, reimbursement, and management. After serving as a Director of Nursing for several years,
she obtained licensure as a nursing home administrator and subsequently transitioned into her
current role. Angela is a results-driven leader who strives to raise the bar for her staff while constantly
ensuring they have the resources necessary to meet and exceed those goals. Furthermore, her root-
cause analysis approach to problem-solving allows her to effectively and efficiently manage both her staff and the
facility. Angela also places substantial value on the quality of life for those who reside in Skilled Nursing
Facilities and she roots her nursing philosophy in the Eden Alternative’s seventh principle: “Medical care
should be the servant of genuine human kindness. Never its master.”


Assistant Administrator:

Amy Pierce MS, NHAAs

Assistant Administrator, Amy works closely with the Administrator to ensure that the
daily operations of Bala run as smoothly as possible. Plus, she is a piece of Bala history because she
was present to admit the very first resident twenty-nine years ago. Before this, however, Amy
earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Communications from the Annenberg School for
Communication of the University of Pennsylvania, and then went on to complete her Master of
Science degree in Human Services Management with a specialty in Healthcare Administration at
Drexel University. She also served as a researcher and later a project manager for NIH and NIMH
research projects, conducting studies of caregivers' physical and psychological effects on the
elderly. She opened the doors of Bala in 1989 and has been a licensed administrator since 1992.
Amy is thrilled by the challenge that no two days at Bala are ever the same, and she finds great joy in
working with the residents.

Director of Nursing:

Leueen Boham , BSN, RN
For over 20 years, Leueen has held numerous positions in long-term care. She possesses strong clinical and leadership skills, emphasizing quality of care, great resident outcomes, and excellent customer satisfaction. Through ongoing education of staff, residents, family members, and a hands-on approach, she thrives every day for positive results. She is fully aware of the challenges residents, staff, and family members face in a long-term care setting. Therefore, she is committed to providing high-level care and satisfaction. Her motto is "do small things with great love"- Mother Teresa.

Assistant Director of Nursing: Kathryn Ashby BSN, RN

Served as a nurse manager before transitioning to the Assistant Director of Nursing role, Kathryn has a background in telemetry and infection Prevention and Control. Kathryn has been an influence in nursing to improve quality care with direct participation in clinical cases. Kathryn displays leadership skills that reflect prioritizing with safety, collaboration, and team building. As a leader, Kathryn advocates for the patients and advocates for the team of nurses under her leadership. Kathryn's Strengths are the apply critical thinking with integrity, dedication, with excellent communication. 


Director of Business Development: Lisa Scher

Director of Admissions: 

Billing Manager: Kelly Walsh

Director of Social Services: Geraldine Johnson LSW

Social Worker: James Patterson MSW

Director of Activities: Dionne Allen, ADC

Director of Rehab: Shifa Auti DPT

Director of Maintenance: 

Director of Dietary: William Cook, CDM

Dietician: Joy Bartley, MS, RD

Director of Housekeeping: John Whitlock

1 EAST Unit Manager: Vacant

2 EAST Unit Manager: Charlene Foote, BSN, RN

2 WEST Unit Manager: Katie Antinore,  RN

Controller: Todd Roberts

Medical Records: Lisa Nelson

Director of Human Resources: Angela Washington, MBA, SSGB